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Krystal Davenport


(taken from the September 3246 issue of Divatos Magazine)


“…I met Ms. Davenport in a small chic café off Wintour St. in the Laguna Hills District, her favourite spot for relaxing and avoiding the crowds. Wearing a casual modified-qipao dress and carrying the latest in the range of Gunjin randoseru bags, the young model looks the picture of restrained elegance, impressive since she has just come from a three hour photo-shoot. At only 17, Ms. Davenport is already one of the top supermodels in the business at present, and her future is looking bright. This year alone she has signed for Gunjin, East Coast Fashion and Lolita Americana, three of the biggest names in Imperial American fashion…”


(taken from the 7 June 3253 issue of the Sierra Nevada Celebrity Newssheet)


“In celebrity wedding news, Bill Kroc II, top executive with the Lipidsson Corporation and son of company CEO William Kroc I, is set to marry supermodel, actress and style icon Krystal Davenport later this month. The lavish 64 billion imperial dollar wedding will be held at the Kroc’s secluded family ranch in the Klamath Falls region, with only a small and exclusive group of photographers covering the event. The engagement was reportedly arranged by William Kroc I, who has for some time been seeking a suitably high profile match for his son. According to the terms of the marriage contract leaked, to this magazine by an inside source, the marriage will last for approximately two years and will end in an amicable divorce settlement, with Ms. Davenport being left full custody rights on any children the couple may have during the marriage term…”


(taken from the 28 October 3258 Oakland Observer)


“Reports have begun to emerge of the tragic deaths of father and son William Kroc I and Bill Kroc II, who have died within a few days of one another. It appears from initial police reports just beginning to emerge that William Kroc I accidentally fell from his penthouse suite in the Hancock Park District, falling thirty storeys to the street below. His son Bill Kroc II appears to have accidentally fallen into a lard-recycling vat in the Lipidsson factory, which he owned as part of his holdings within the company, some time late last night. In an official statement from the Cascadian Metropolitan Police Department, Commissioner Clemence Gates stated that there would be no investigation into the deaths, and said that any allegations from certain quarters within the media suggesting that the incidents had anything to do with the recent take-over of the Lipidsson Corporation by CEO Emil R. Novak would not be tolerated. The Kroc family, a significant force within the corporation, has remained silent about such rumours and have called for privacy in their time of grief. It is reported that the much-coveted shares owned by the Kroc father and son have now passed to Bill Kroc’s only child from his marriage with supermodel Krystal Davenport, 4 year old Wendy Kroc…”


(taken from the May 3268 Golden Gate Business Times)


“…the third recipient of the Golden Gate Business Award is supermodel, actress, style icon and entrepreneur Krystal Davenport. Following the tragic accidental death of her ex-husband Bill Kroc II in October 3258, Davenport found herself the effective holder of a 36% share in the Lipidsson Corporation through her 4 year old daughter Wendy Kroc, a percentage rivalled only by the company’s newly inaugurated CEO and Chairman Emil R. Novak. This put Ms. Davenport in a difficult situation, facing pressure from both Novak and the Kroc family to sell them the valuable shares. Davenport did indeed sell off most of the shares, cutting a three-way division between Novak, the Krocs and her daughter, leaving Novak as majority shareholder but her daughter with enough shares to ensure her future with the company. Novak has recently shown his appreciation for the gesture by backing the young Wendy Kroc in her pop-music career, which has received significant sponsorship from the Lipidsson Corporation. The young Ms. Kroc’s career has been carefully managed by Davenport, and her success in this enterprise has prompted this magazine to honour her with its most prestigious award…”


(taken from Krystal Davenport’s autobiography Shining Krystal: A Light in the Fashion World)


“I have always felt the need to keep my horizons broad, to never box myself into one career path or another. As my character Honey Dale form the film ZombieKaiju Ravage Shin-Nihon 17 says ‘Why have a regular Slump Shake® life, when you can SuperSize it?’…”


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