View of the Listvyanka District of Irkutsk City from the Assembly of the Nobility Hall

…An image of the Listvyanka District, one of Irkutsk city’s political and commercial hubs. Looking down from the Assembly of the Nobility Hall, and past the Alkonost Memorial, we get a view of some of the most notable examples of Irkutsk’s Neo-Gothic Revival Architecture. Prominent in the foreground is the Stroganov Palace and Factories, traditional home of the Siberian branch of the Stroganov family. Behind it, and dominating much of the images mid-ground, is the Baikal Geofront, the city’s most recent urban expansion project, part funded by the Eurasian Federation’s Yermak Siberian Resettlement Fund. In the left background we can see the St. Bazarov Cathedral of Reformed Nihilism, the second largest cathedral in the city. Behind it stands the South-Eastern Ostrog, part of the city’s defence. In the mid and right background stands the Samoilova Church of Mass Media, with the attached Angara Broadcasting Centre…


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