Video still from the Summer 3284 Kurage-maki Advertising Campaign Kurage-maki-Sing the Happy Irradiated Giant Jellyfish Song, created by The Walnuts, produced by the Lipidsson Corporation.

The Walnuts


(taken from the 24 August 3265 issue of Shōbijin Magazine)

“Identical twins Amai Ai and Amai Koi, collectivelly known as The Walnuts, released their debut album Divine Wagashi earlier this month. The album has been praised by critics for its experimental mixture of electronica and classical pop, as well as for the singers’ haunting lyrics. The most striking aspect of the album, however, has been its bizarre music videos and accompanying artwork. Although the album only reached No. 1269 on the ComSu charts, it has achieved something of a cult-following following a viral marketing campaign. Its relative lack of mainstream commercial success has been blamed on its significantly niche quality, which has somewhat alienated mainstream consumers. Sources at Akateko Records have stated that the twins, despite being only in their early teens, are the authors of all their songs and personally designed the visuals for both their videos and artwork, and have a strong conviction in their artistic vision…”


(taken from the July 3268 issue of Aural Sweetness Magazine)

“…new arrivals on the American Empire’s music scene The Walnuts, originally based in Tokoname-shi in the Aichi District of Shin-Nihon, have expanded their line-up to include Cascadian pop-princess Yoli. The Walnuts, while perhaps not familiar to the majority of mainstream audiences, have actually been around since 3265, and already have a significant underground following in the American Empire, primarily through online sales. With the inclusion of Yoli, already a mainstream success on the Imperial music-charts, The Walnuts hope to build on their cult fanbase while drawing in a broader audience. Admittedly this statement was made by the group’s record label in the American Empire, Ursus Records (a subsidiary of Bane Cola). The Walnuts themselves are notoriously adamant about retaining creative control of their music, an attitude that will not sit well with Bane Cola media executives. Bane Cola plans to utilise the group as part of this year’s marketing campaign…”


(taken from the September 3273 issue of Purple Noodle Underground Music News)

“Following Yoli’s departure to serve as Empress of America, The Walnuts have returned to Shin-Nihon. This coincides with their reverting to their original record label, Akateko Records. According to industry insiders, the duo’s relationship with Ursus Records, as well as their owners Bane Cola, was less than amiable. Frequent disputes arose over the direction the group was taking, merchandising, and the out-sourcing of writing duties, as well as Bane Cola’s endorsement of rumour that there was a feud between the group and girl-band SuperHappyAfternoon (the duo have repeatedly stated that no such feud ever existed and that, in fact, they are good friends with several members of SuperHappyAfternoon). Despite this the twins were present at the Empress Yoli’s inauguration ceremony, flying back from Shin-Nihon to attend the event. They have also stated that they will return to the American Empire on tour, but that they will perform in smaller, less-mainstream venues in future…”


(taken from the December 3283 issue of the Suo Xi Yearly Music Review)

“It’s been a busy year for The Walnuts, with their compilation album Xiong Meng De Kung Ren, the Satsujin tour of the American Empire, and roles in the tokusatsu blockbuster King Benjora vs. Unchira 53. Apparently the duo plan to take a short break in the early part of next year, in particular to allow their voices to recover from their film performance (the roles required a lot of screaming). In fact, it has been rumoured that the pair plan to retire in the next few years, in light of the fact that their public performances and musical output have lessened in recent months. The twins, however, have denied such rumours, stating that they are simply working at a slower pace in order to maintain the quality of their art. In the meantime they have plans to produce an advertisement for the Lipidsson Corporation to promote their new meal-deal; Kurage-maki™. The ad campaign will feature The Walnut’s distinctive visual style with an accompanying track which will feature on their next album…”



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