Video Still from the Hakutaku Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipment Corporation's Autumn 3283 Advertising Campaign

…in the wake of the Peruvian Campaign of 3269, it became clear that an expansion in research and development within the healthcare industry was needed, particularly in relation to recent advances in robotics and artificial intelligence and its applications in other fields. To facilitate this, the KAPPA Neo-Zaibatsu Conglomerate sponsored an Investigatory Panel composed of some of the leading figures in Shin-Nihon medical research, which convened at the Sekisen Medical Research Centre. One of this conference’s outcomes was the establishment in 3270 of the Hakutaku Medical Technology Solutions Company. Among its founders were Dr. Kitano Shirō, a pioneer of nanotechnology; and Lieutenant General Ishii Masaji, noted developer of medical technology for use by the military. Headquartered in Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku, Shin-Edo Sub-metropolis, the company underwent massive expansion as the market for advanced medical technology grew. In 3278 it acquired Amazake-babaa Biotech and Pharmaceuticals, changing its name to the Hakutaku Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipment Corporation, and expanding into biotech. In 3282 it grew its artificial intelligence research division with the acquisition of Kyōrinrin Advanced Technologies…


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