SuperHappyAfternoon, SugarPopWarriors Tour Promotional Poster (Memorabilia Edition)



(taken from Febuary 3269 issue of Aural Sweetness Magazine)


“In March 3268 a pop phenomenon burst onto the international music scene with the arrival of junior girl group SuperHappyAfternoon. The flagship group of the newly established Mei-Mei Project (part of the Sugar Sound Label, owned by Zashiki-Warashi Records, and sponsored by the Lipidsson Corporation), this collection of junior idols rocketed to success when they toured in May/June of that same year with rock super-star KARA on his now legendary Apocalypse tour. Their debut single Night Ship Love Hearts shot to the top of the ComSu Charts, and was followed by a string of hits. Their new album Now I Am Cotton-Light hits the shelves this week…”


(taken from December 3275 issue of In Guide Magazine)


“…the newly inaugurated Empress Wendy Kroc first emerged into the public consciousness as the daughter of celebrity supermodel Krystal Davenport. At the age of 12 she already had a successful music career under the stage name of PlumGirl, before moving on to super-stardom fronting the phenomenally successful girl-idol group SuperHappyAfternoon. After the band broke up in August 3271, Kroc continued to produce singles with her own label, PlumGirl Records, as well as finding work in modelling, advertising and acting as the international face of Lipidsson…”


(taken from the January 3287 issue of the San Raphael Enquirer)


“…Kroc’s PlumGirl Marketing Subsidiary has been at the fore-front of the recent re-vamp of Lipidsson’s product base, generating new ideas and product lines. Key to the company’s success has been the effective use of tie-ins and product placement with various artists under PlumGirl Records, as well as the release of Krystal magazine, with the aim of drawing more and more young women into regular fast-food consumption. Unusually for Presidents of the Lipidsson Corporation, and even more unusually for Retired Empresses, Kroc has made a real impact in the running of the company…”


(taken from July 3264 issue of Lolita Style Monthly)


“…the audience was wowed by the newest model for the Pavo Modelling Agency. Yuri, from the Riverside District, is 9 years old and modelled designs by Sugar High and GuroTen. Having modelled in competitions and small-venue events since the age of three, this was the up-and-coming style icons first exposure to the big-time. Insiders have hinted to this columnist that she is soon to be signed by a higher-tier agency, as well as being eyed by private patrons…”


(taken from December 3279 issue of Populous Magazine)


“Yuri, formerly of the pop group SuperHappyAfternoon, has been admitted to the Mission Viejo Rehabilitation and Full-time Care Home. The star, who has been under the radar since her infamous outburst during the ComSu-RHM Music Awards, has reportedly been admitted on the advice of doctors due to the debilitating long-term use of the infamous drug Tian Powder. Yuri is reported to have begun taking the illegal substance some time before the band’s break-up, which has been attributed to the singer’s behaviour at the time. Her son, famed socialite Fork, has declined to grant us an interview at this time…”



(taken from the June 3268 issue of InGuide Magazine)


“The group’s third vocalist is wealthy heiress Alisa Chan, daughter of Francis Chan, CEO of the pharmaceutical giant Gen-Chan Pharmaceuticals Inc. As Ms. Chan is reported to have no training or ability in music, it is presumed that her voice will be heavily synthesised for recordings, and that her primary role will be as a source of sponsorship…”



(taken from the book SuperHappyAfternoon3271: The Year of Broken Teenage Hearts)


“…the band’s disappearance from the industry caused great disappointment to fans and corporate sponsors alike. Dedicated followers of the band were swift at laying the blame, not on the reported cause of the band’s break-up, namely, the ComSu-RHM Music Award Ceremony Incident, but rather on what they termed “The Hidden Cause”, wealthy heiress and band-member Alisa Chan. Chan had, for a number of years, been openly critical of other band members in the press, and was reportedly a source of constant tension backstage. Fans blamed Chan’s behaviour on Yuri’s supposed breakdown, a backlash she felt when her post-break-up attempt at a solo career failed abysmally. Chan now lives as a recluse in a secluded mansion high in the White Mountains…”


(taken from the SuperHappyAfternoon Exclusive SugarPopWarriors Tour Guide book)


“Both Momo and Biscuit were born and grew up on the island-city of Shin-Nihon, in the Okazaki and Akihabara Districts respectively. Both came from financially poor backgrounds; Momo was involved in bōsōzoku gangs as a youth, while Biscuit worked part-time in her parent’s electronics store. The two met through their interest in music, froming an electronic music duo called Maru-Sō when Momo was 14 and Biscuit was only 9! It was through there following on the web that they got the call to join SuperHappyAfternoon…”


(taken from the 3286 Errant Stories Annual)


“…the two apparently returned to Shin-Nihon after the band’s split, and disappeared from public life for many years. Rumour has it that the duo were hired by companies as “problem-solvers” on foot of Momo’s training in security and Biscuit’s prodigious expertise in electronics. In recent years however the pair have again been spotted in public. In a rare statement Momo said that they have now retired from their former employment and are planning to travel at their leisure…”


(taken from the book Chronicle of Cult Stardom In The American Eastern States Federation)


“…known to a more mainstream audience for her time in pop group SuperHappyAfternoon, the artist known as Right Eye had a solo career  in the AESF which both preceded and continued after the band’s dissolution. Realeasing her debut album Fresh Kills Tales at the age of 15, Right Eye had a prolific and varied career spanning several genres which lasted until her retirement from music in 3279. Considered something of an oddity by fans of SuperHappyAfternoon, Right Eye is credited with writing several of their hit songs; while in the AESF, she has an enduring cult following…”


(taken from the Mount Vernon New Medical Journal 3283 edition)


“…the conferences guest speaker was Right Eye, known in musical circles as a singer-songwriter of some repute, and Professor of Experimental Medicine at the Block Island Medical College. Prof. Right Eye’s recent work in the uses of mutated bacteria in test subjects from the Old Arkansas Region has drawn praise from leaders in the field…”


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