Reisläufer Panzeranzug IV Ausf. 5

Reisläufer Panzeranzug IV Ausf. 5

Pen and marker on card.

Avid history nerds (like myself) may well have heard of reisläufers, or, as they are more commonly known, swiss mercenaries. Swiss mercenaries were famed across the battlefields of Europe from the Late Medieval period all the way up to the era known as the European Enlightenment, particularly in the form of swiss pikeman. Warfare during the Renaissance, when the swiss mercenary was at his height, was dominated by the pike, a type of long spear. Massive formations of soldiers wielding this weapon would clash on the field of battle in a type of warfare known as “push of pike”, which is pretty much literally what it sounds like. Eventually warfare evolved, and the swiss pikemen became obsolete and were outcompeted by other mercenaries, especially the German landsknechts. The only real remnant of them today are the Swiss Guard, who make sure no one kills the pope.

Panzeranzug basically means “body armour” or “suit of armour”.

The Helvetican Cantons are a special status state within the GCEF (Grand Collective of Eurasian Federations) in the 31st century. They are, like their forebears, famed for the quality and efficiency of their mercenaries, who wear high-tech power suits and wield unique and deadly advanced weaponry, the manufacture of which is a closely guarded secret. These mercenaries can be found in armed forces around the world, including the armies of the GCEF and the American Empire...

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