Promotional Image for the Gyūki Arms and Armaments Corporation's 3280 Advertising Campaign

Gyuki Arms and Armaments Corporation, a subsidiary of the Daitengu Neo-Zaibatsu Conglomerate, was founded in 3127 by Lieutenant Nambu Nariakira. Specialising in the design and production of firearms, the company quickly built a reputation for the quality of it’s products, and by the time of the Third Pacific-Nazca Divide War held the position of the leading supplier of firearms to the Obake Self-Defence Navy. The company went into decline after the war, however, losing it’s lucrative defence contracts during the “Old Guard” period. It managed to keep afloat by supplying the market for personal firearms, and eventually built contracts with private military contractors. It experienced a resurgence in 3269, with the development of new lines of weaponry, and in 3275 when Vice-Admiral Sakamoto Umetaro became CEO of the corporation. In 3276 it expanded it’s operations to include heavy ordnance and AI… 


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