Portrait of Prince Alexei Grigoriyevich Stroganov

…Prince Alexei Stroganov (3159-3255) was a prominent member of the Siberian branch of the Stroganov family. A powerful family of the Merchant-Nobility, the Stroganov’s originated in the city state of New-Muscovy, but several branches of the family now exist across the Eurasian continent. The Siberian branch is the second largest (ranked only behind the New-Muscovy Stroganovs), and this branch reached it’s prime under the leadership of Prince Alexei Grigoriyevich. Already a highly successful businessman and politician, the Prince greatly enlarged his fortune through the sale of both armaments and general supplies to the Amur Cossack Atamanates, competing with the rival Vtorov Corporation in the escalating arms race surrounding the Great Eastern Eurasian Jungle Conflict. Despite the Siberian Enclaves defeat in that war, Stroganov invested his gains in the Irkutsk Baikal Geofront, hoping to restart the city’s industry…


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