Naraka Realm (3J)

The Naraka Realm, or ‘hell’ realm, is in Buddhism a rebirth based on strong feelings of hatred cultivated in past lives. The word hell in this case can be somewhat misleading, as the Naraka Realm differs greatly from the hell taught by most of the Abrahamic faiths. Beings are not sent to this realm as punishment by a divine being, but rather because of the accumulation of bad karma; and although their stay there is usually extremely long, it is not eternal, but only lasts until the bad karma is used up. Descriptions of the Naraka Realm vary, in some places being influenced by the Chinese concept of hell, known as Diyu, but a common interpretation describes it as a series of caverns located beneath the human world, and one work, the Abhidharma-kosa, described eight hot and eight cold narakas. Each of these sub-divisions has a different degree of suffering.

Marker on MDF
Height- 21cm
Width- 43.5cm

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