Logo for the 3286 Daitengu International Advanced Technologies Trade Exhibition (DAITECH)

…The Daitengu International Advanced Technologies Trade Exhibition, known informally as DAITECH, is an annual trade fair held for two days every September at the Inohana Convention Centre, Chiba District, Shin-Edo Sub-metropolis. Renowned as one of the world’s preeminent trade exhibitions, it features the cutting edge in advanced technologies, catering for both civilian and military consumers. The exhibits on display range from emerging medical technologies, advances in artificial intelligence, the latest military hardware; as well as presentations by some of the most respected names in these fields. Each year the exhibition attracts delegates from around the world, including governmental and corporate representatives, who come to peruse the newest products from many of the industry’s leading manufacturers. These include such names as Olympus Corp., Tsukumogami, Baekho, Bixi, Gyūki, Jorōgumo, HiesingerGreinert Aktiengesellschaft, Eridu, and many more. The event itself is sponsored by the Daitengu Neo-Zaibatsu Conglomerate… 


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