KARA (formerly of Eat Pork Belly), Live in Concert, Support by SuperHappyAfternoon, Apocalypse Tour Promotional Poster



(taken from the April 3266 issue of DOA: Dead On Arrival magazine)


“…this year’s main event has been the rise of SN-Rock group Eat Pork Belly. Their mixture of gothic metal, classical music and electronica has consistently topped the ComSu charts, while their debut album Epitaph went platinum in three weeks. The band, currently headlining the sell-out Maledictus Tour across East Asia, were discovered and signed by Goryō Records earlier this year, having played underground venues and small independent gothic metal festivals before hitting the big time. The band consists of lead guitarist Jimmy Stamp, drummer Topher Collins, bassist Terry “Smiley” Hoffman, and lead vocalist and occasional electric-shamisen player KARA. KARA in particular has attracted much media and fan speculation. Refusing to divulge all but the minimum of information about his background, even refusing to reveal his real name, has shrouded the young rock-star in an air of mystery that his dedicated followers find intoxicating. His media appearances have been equally bizarre, with KARA speaking through another band member as an interpreter or rambling inanely in response to interviewer’s questions…”


(taken from the 14 December 3268 issue of the Contemporary Music Times)


“The summer touring season was kicked off by the first solo tour by SN-Rock star KARA. Apocalypse, a tour which spanned 33 concerts in various parts of the globe, was the biggest of the year both in terms of commercial success and production. The noise-level generated by the events has already become legendary. It has been reported that wherever the concerts were held, whole districts around the venue had to be evacuated due to the possibility of structural failure as a result of the vibrations from the artist’s mammoth sound-system. The highlight of the tour was the concert held in the Alameda district of the Cascadia Metropolitan Zone, where KARA was supported by newly formed girl-group SuperHappyAfternoon. The concert played to a crowd of over 2 million adoring fans, and was only slightly marred by the deaths of 300 of those fans by crushing. KARA has promised to dedicate one of the songs on his next album to ‘all those who died during the Apocalypse tour’…


(taken from the 6 May 3272 issue of Populous Magazine)


“…the couple have finally made their relationship public. Having been rumoured to be seeing each other for several months now, Wendy Kroc announced that she and KARA have been dating since late last November. The two initially met when Ms. Kroc’s former band, SuperHappyAfternoon, supported KARA during his Apocalypse tour in 3268. Apparently the pair became fast friends, and have seen each other on and off since then; he visiting her at her home in the Moreno Valley District of the Cascadia Metropolitan Zone, she visiting him in his home in the elite-housing island of Taisho-Jima in the Ryukyus. Ms. Kroc has stated that their common passion for music initially brought them together, and that they have grown closer with time. It is also rumoured that the couple are planning a joint tour next year…”


(taken from the 15 August 3278 issue of Death Skull Hate Freak magazine)


“…we reported last week on the untimely death of Terry “Smiley” Hoffman, former bassist with Eat Pork Belly. Family and friends of Hoffman gathered this week for his funeral, held in his home district of Hell’s Canyon in the Cascadia Metropolitan Zone. The ceremony, held in the form of a three-hour tribute concert, saw the three remaining members of Eat Pork Belly perform for the first time in over ten years. Other contributors included Impoli, of which Hoffman’s long-time partner Skuzz is a member, and Aku, who are friends of Eat Pork Belly’s former lead vocalist KARA. The funeral was also attended by the recently retired Empress Wendy Kroc, KARA’s partner, whose attendance attracted numerous media personalities and celebrity guests. In a moving speech KARA remembered the band’s brief period touring, and their continued friendship even after the band had split up. Along with his fellow band members, he then carried Hoffman’s remains to the front of the stage, where they were cremated in a massive pyrotechnics display as per his wishes. His memory will live on in Rock History. R.I.P. Smiley…”


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