Deva Realm (Momiji)

The Deva Realm is one of bliss. It is inhabited by beings called Deva, a term which is sometimes translated ‘god’. This can be somewhat misleading however, since the Buddhist concept of deva bears no similarity to the God of monotheistic religions. Devas are not immortal, omniscient or omnipotent, although they live longer and are more powerful than humans. They have various supernatural abilities, such as the ability to move at very high speeds and the ability to manifest in lower realms, though these vary depending on the rank of the deva. While rebirth as a deva might seem appealing to a Buddhist, much like a human rebirth this life can be wasted. According to Buddhism those reborn as deva often get too comfortable and neglect to work towards enlightenment, eventually being reborn in a lower realm.

Marker on MDF
Height- 21cm
Width- 43.5cm


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