Animal Realm (Karkinos 55CnC)

According to Buddhist cosmology, animals inhabit a realm distinct to humans. This separation is not one of location, but rather in terms of state of mind; humans can perceive animals in much the same way as the deva can perceive the asura. This distinct world is called Tiryagyoni in Sanskrit, and is described as being one of the unhappy rebirths, involving more suffering than a human rebirth. It is based on strong states of stupidity and prejudice cultivated in past lives. Animals are said to live in a state of ignorance, not knowing the reason for their suffering and acting based on instinct. As a result it is very difficult to escape from this realm as it takes a long time to build enough good karma to achieve rebirth in a more desirable realm. However many Buddhists believe that animals do have a ‘buddha-nature’; namely, that they are capable of achieving enlightenment.

Marker on MDF
Height- 21cm
Width- 43.5cm

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