The use of alternative or speculative worlds as a means to satirise present day society has a long history. From Jonathan Swift to Terry Pratchett, it has been an effective method of holding up a mirror to our own stupidities and weaknesses. By detaching them from our everyday world, by exaggeration and distortion, we gain a sense of distance from our problems, and as such, are able to laugh at them.

My artworks follow much the same tradition. They build a world ostensibly set in the distant future, but which on closer examination is merely an exaggeration of the present. The works deal with diverse themes: body image, our view of the ‘other’ in society, urban social isolation, man’s conflicted relationship with nature, and society's newfound adoration of science, celebrity and material wealth, to name but a few. By placing these issues in an alternative setting, distancing them from the here and now, it allows the viewer to draw their own conclusions.

My influences in creating the world featured in these artworks are numerous. They range from the art of the Far-East to anime and manga, from science-fiction to modern pop-culture, from 18th century art to Superflat.

Mark Doherty
Born Dublin 1987

2005-2009   BA Fine Art, D.I.T., Portland Row, Dublin
1999-2005   Athlone Community College, Athlone

Solo Exhibitions
2011            'Herd Society', MadARt Studio Gallery, Dublin 1

Group Exhibitions
2015           'A Terrible Beauty', travelling group show curated by the Olivier Cornet Gallery,Octagonal Room, City Assembly House, Dublin, by kind invitation of the Irish Georgian Society
2014            Reflections, Christmas/winter group show, Olivier Cornet Gallery
2014            VUE 2014, National Contemporary Art Fair at the RHA, with the Olivier Cornet Gallery
2014            'Flaneries in Forests and Fields', Olivier Cornet Gallery, Dublin
2013            'AC3 The Timekeeper', Christmas group show, Olivier Cornet Gallery, Filmbase, Dublin
2013            'Full Circle',Group Show, Olivier Cornet Gallery, Dublin
2012             'AC2', Group show, Olivier Cornet Gallery, Dublin
2012             'Vue', National Contemporary Art Fair (RHA Dublin) with the Olivier Cornet Gallery
2012             ‘4x4’, group show with David Begley, Yanny Petterd and Martha Quinn, Olivier Cornet Gallery.
2012            'Convergence', Olivier Cornet Gallery, Dublin 2
2011            'The Alchemist's Chamber', Filmbase, Temple Bar, Dublin 2
2009            'Urban Stories', Filmbase, Temple Bar, Dublin 2
2009            Graduate Show, D.I.T., Portland Row, Dublin
2009            'It's Just the Nature of Things', D.I.T., Portland Row, Dublin
2008            'Interim Dialogues', Broadstone Gallery, Dublin, curated by Mark Garry
2008            D.I.T. Art and Design Week, Dublin
2008            '8>20 Exhibition', Backloft Gallery, Dublin, curated by Linda Quinlan and Mark Garry

2009            BA Fine Art,  Second Class Honours, Upper Division, Dublin Institute of Technology 

The Contemporary Irish Art Society (CIAS) as well as numerous private collections and commissions for various organizations.