Vizelet Whiskey Winter 3249 Billboard Advertising Image, courtesy of Abura-akago Holdings Ltd.

It seems like forever since I had my first (and so far, only) solo show in the Mad Art Gallery. The show was entitled Herd Society, and featured a range of characters accompanied by some information on their backstories as gleaned from (fictional) publications. Here is Krystal Davenport, a celebrity, model, businesswoman and an important figure in recent Imperial American history. Below is an excerpt from her text from the show:


(taken from the May 3268 Golden Gate Business Times)


“…the third recipient of the Golden Gate Business Award is supermodel, actress, style icon and entrepreneur Krystal Davenport. Following the tragic accidental death of her ex-husband Bill Kroc II in October 3258, Davenport found herself the effective holder of a 36% share in the Lipidsson Corporation through her 4 year old daughter Wendy Kroc, a percentage rivalled only by the company’s newly inaugurated CEO and Chairman Emil R. Novak. This put Ms. Davenport in a difficult situation, facing pressure from both Novak and the Kroc family to sell them the valuable shares. Davenport did indeed sell off most of the shares, cutting a three-way division between Novak, the Krocs and her daughter, leaving Novak as majority shareholder but her daughter with enough shares to ensure her future with the company. Novak has recently shown his appreciation for the gesture by backing the young Wendy Kroc in her pop-music career, which has received significant sponsorship from the Lipidsson Corporation. The young Ms. Kroc’s career has been carefully managed by Davenport, and her success in this enterprise has prompted this magazine to honour her with its most prestigious award…”

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