Type 49 Tsuchigumo

This is another design I've struggled with over the years. Like the previous post (the Type 47 Mushi), this vehicle design was heavily inspired by the original Fuchikoma think-tanks from Masamune Shirow's Ghost in the Shell (and not, just to be clear, by their poorer successors, the Tachikoma and Logikoma). I don't think of this current iteration of the design by any means, but it was a significant step forward, particularly in the leg design. Anyway, I'm rambling. Below is some information from the article I wrote for this vehicle:

"The Type 49 Tsuchigumo is an infantry fighting vehicle used by the Self Defence Fleet of the Obake Neo-Zaibatsu Conglomerates. It is the latest in the Tsuchigumo range of vehicles, which have been noted for their exceptional performance in anti-infantry operations, reconnaissance, and urban and jungle combat. The Type 49 is a significant advance in the development of the Tsuchigumo, with cutting edge armour and artificial intelligence systems. It has been in active service since 3289...

The Type 49 was the first to use the Tsuchigumo Yasome artificial intelligence program. The Tsuchigumo Yasome incorporated the latest advances in machine learning technology. Each individual program is connected to a central network, dubbed Yaso, which processes combat data and then uses complex algorithms to extrapolate solutions to problems or even potential problems. This information is then sent back out to the individual systems, thereby improving performance. The Tsuchigumo Yasome has been called the most significant advancement in AI technology since the creation of the first Tsuchigumo program, according to several specialists in the field."


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