Type 47 Mushi

If you click the link here, you'll find the original preparatory sketch for this picture. There were elements of the sketch that I wasn't quite happy with, so it was nice tidying them up for this finalised design. This is the Type 47 Mushi. Below is an extract from an article I wrote about the Type 47:
"The Type 47 Mushi is currently the Obake Self Defence Fleet’s most heavily armoured vehicle, and as such has seen extensive use in that role since its introduction in 3287. Unlike many Obake military vehicles it is not specialised, but like its predecessor the Type 40, it is a more multi-purpose vehicle, useful in both offensive and defensive operations.
The replacement of its main gun and the upgrade of its armour from the Type 40 have greatly enhanced the usefulness of the Type 47. The 120mm Type 44 Gyūki tank gun has proven to be extremely effective against enemy armour, which coupled with the Type 47’s armour upgrades, has increased the tank’s survival records several fold. The Type 47’s new armour has also decreased the tank’s weight without sacrificing protection, meaning that the Type 47 is much easier to transport than the Type 40."

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