September 3290 Web Banner Advertisement for the PL-7000 tablet computer and the PL-7000 mini smartphone produced and marketed by Pulao Technologies Co. Ltd.

Hello all. This piece is entitled "September 3290 Web Banner Advertisement for the PL-7000 tablet computer and the PL-7000 mini smartphone produced and marketed by Pulao Technologies Co. Ltd." This picture actually appears within two of my other pictures that I've posted since June. I wonder how many people can find it? Aside from that, for those among you of a curious nature, Pulao is one of the nine sons of the dragon in Chinese mythology, and is often depicted on top of bells. Well worth researching, and finding out about the dragon's other eight sons. More information about this piece below:


... according to insiders Pulao Technologies Co. Ltd. has acquired the rights to provide web-connectivity services in and around the city of Mogadishu. This comes after last week’s announcement that the company has purchased a controlling share in Qafár Telecom, giving them full control over all telecommunications services in Djibouti City. This buyout was strongly opposed by the American Empire, who maintain the anti-piracy military base Fort Lemonnier. Representatives of the American Empire in Djibouti City cited security concerns with regards to allowing a company based in the Hong Kong-Guangzhou Metropolitan Zone unrestricted access to all telecommunications data in the area. Despite assurances from representatives of Pulao Technologies that no such security risk exists, the Imperial American Army have begun working on securing their own closed communications network within the base. With respect to their expansion into Mogadishu, this means that Pulao Technologies will be able to gain revenue not only from the Mogadishan domestic market, but also from forces stationed at De Vecchi Fort, a GCEF Special Naval Defence Facility. Pulao Technologies are already the largest suppliers of telecommunications equipment along the east coast of the African Continent, and the expansion of their services’ portfolio indicates that they could be aiming for a total monopoly within the region in the next few years. Pulao Technologies are also the largest telecommunications provider in the Eastern GCEF, and have been aggressively expanding their reach internationally for the past eight years. Critics have accused the company of collusion with the Eastern GCEF military with the aim of facilitating hacking. They have also accused the company of widespread intellectual theft and industrial espionage, claims Pulao Technologies strongly deny. Further, representatives of the company have counter-claimed that such critics, such as the American Empire and the Obake Neo-Zaibatsu Conglomerates, are themselves engaged in these very practices...

Extract from an article in the The Economical Gazette.



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