Rose Axson, Empress of America, at the taking of Fort San Ysidro (2484)

Sorry for the delay in posting, it's been a busy few weeks. Here is the finished version of the Rose Axson, Empress of America piece. Posted below is the information found on the back of the piece:

… this 3125 painting by court artist E. Percy Leutze depicts Empress of America Rose Axson standing amid the aftermath of the Siege of San Ysidro. The piece was commissioned to commemorate the 645th anniversary of Axson’s ascension to the Imperial throne, an event many historians view as the beginning of the American Empire’s ascendency on the north-west coast of the American continent.  The Siege of San Ysidro (2484) was one of the Empress’ most significant victories in her campaigns against the Kingdom of Tijuana, one of the major powers in the region at the time. The painting currently hangs in the J. Howard Miller Center for Visual Arts. The artist depicts Empress Axson wearing an approximation of the armour of the period, although it is worth noting that the barding on the Genetically Modified Doberman cavalry in the background of the painting is clearly from a much later period. Indeed, this is one of the many historical anachronisms to be found within the work; to cite another example, the breathing masks in the painting are contemporary to the artist, but certainly not from the 25th century. However this should be understood in the light of the paucity of archaeological information about the period in question…


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