Poster for the 3291 Academic Year Enrolment Drive entitled ‘Future’ for Toegye Seowon, featuring ChunHyang of the idol group Aim For Star.

Hello all. So this piece is connected to the last one I posted. It's entitled "Poster for the 3291 Academic Year Enrolment Drive entitled ‘Future’ for Toegye Seowon, featuring ChunHyang of the idol group Aim For Star". It advertises the school that you would have seen in the picture I posted on Facebook back on the 30th June. Just to let you know (because not everyone who I've talked to about this picture got this) both of the women in this picture are ChunHyang; just an older and younger version.

Chunhyang is a character from a Korean musical folktale (or pansori) called Chunhyangga. All of the members of Aim For Star are also named after characters from that folktale. The other two members are HyangDan and WolMae. More information on the piece is below:

"… Throughout its history Toegye Seowon has served as a centre of excellence in the field of education within the City States of Sin-Baekje and in the wider world. Originally established in 2848, the modern campus that you see today was built in 3258 as the successor to a centuries old tradition of leading the way in the field of training our young men and women for success. You need look no further in search of the perfect place for preparing your child for the rigours of being a leader in our society. Our modern campus boasts state of the art technology which will equip your progeny for the ever changing world in which we live. It will come as no surprise to you, good reader, that we enjoy the patronage of one of the largest corporations in the world: the Hyeonmu Sin-Chaebol. With such prestigious connections, is it any wonder that our graduates go on to the finest universities in Sin-Baekje. Our curriculum not only prepares our students for the highly important examinations that will secure their further education, but will also prepare them for the civil service examinations which will exalt them to the most coveted positions in our land. So high is the standard of our instruction that we are permitted to carry the seal of the Ministry of Education itself. It is our sincerest hope that this brochure will leave you in no doubt as to where you wish your child to begin the journey that will determine their future...

From the Prospectus of Toegye Seowon (3291 edition)"



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