M1A2 Gecko

Marker and pen on card.



"…conflicts in the South American Territories, particularly those in relation to the Peruvian Colonies, highlighted the need for an All-Terrain Heavy Tank. In 3259 the Imperial Army R&D Department launched the XM518 ‘Climber’ Program. Designs were proposed by the Akkad Company and Assur Defence (part of the Assur Group). The Akkad Company’s design was deemed too expensive and complex, and so funding was granted to the Assur Defence design under the program. The development of the walking gear was outsourced to Bixi Heavy Industries’ design team based in the Hong Kong-Guangzhou Metropolitan Zone. The M1’s initial main armament was the 105mm Kampfwagenkanone designed by HiesingerGreinert Aktiengesellschaft, though later designs would utilise the 120mm Jija-Chongtong produced by Baekho Heavy Industries. Full production began in 3267 (earlier in the same year Assur Defence was acquired by the Eridu Corporation), with the tank, renamed the M1 Gecko, entering active service in 3268. However it’s unorthodox design proved controversial with some of the more conservative elements within the Imperial Army’s Armour Divisions, with the result that the M1 Gecko was not fully integrated by the start of the Peruvian Conflict of 3269. In spite of this it proved highly effective throughout the conflict. Not only did it deal exceptionally well with the region’s difficult terrain, but it was also unmatched by any of the armoured units then fielded by the Obake Neo-Zaibatsu Conglomerates’ Armed Forces. The M1 Gecko proved very popular with the crews who manned it, with later itinerations…"


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