Herd Society

Sun, 9 October 2016

East Coast Fashion AutumnWinter Catalogue Promotional Image (Season's featured model- Fork)

Every now and again I actually produce a piece of work I actually like. Not one that I am reasonably satisfied with or that I think "well, I guess I won't throw this one in the bin", but one where I actually, genuinely think "I like this one". This picture was one of those pictures. Scary to think it was all the way back in 2011... The character in the picture is Fork. Below is an excerpt from the text that accompanied the picture in the Herd Society exhibition: (taken from the Eye on the Stars gossip column in the 5 August 3285 issue of the Avalon Reader) “…reports have emerged of the recent...
Sat, 17 September 2016

Vizelet Whiskey Winter 3249 Billboard Advertising Image, courtesy of Abura-akago Holdings Ltd.

It seems like forever since I had my first (and so far, only) solo show in the Mad Art Gallery. The show was entitled Herd Society, and featured a range of characters accompanied by some information on their backstories as gleaned from (fictional) publications. Here is Krystal Davenport, a celebrity, model, businesswoman and an important figure in recent Imperial American history. Below is an excerpt from her text from the show: (taken from the May 3268 Golden Gate Business Times) “…the third recipient of the Golden Gate Business Award is supermodel, actress, style icon and entrepreneur...