Hellhound 4A5

So since working on my series of designs for the armoured vehicles of the American Empire (more of them to come, by the way), I also decided to finalise some designs from the arsenals of other states within my post-apocalyptic world. This is the Hellhound 4A5, a medium battle tank used by the collective military of the western states of the Grand Collective of Eurasian Federations (GCEF). The following is an excerpt from an article I wrote about the tank:

"Internationally, the Hellhound 4A5, like many of the armoured vehicles of the Western GCEF military, has a formidable reputation. As mentioned previously, despite its designation as a medium tank, the Hellhound 4A5 is more heavily armoured than most heavy tanks in the arsenals of other polities. Indeed it is often compared alongside the M60 Sargon, which is officially designated as a heavy tank. The Hellhound 4A5 can sustain an immense amount of punishment on the battlefield and still remain operational. Even its side armour has been known to shrug off direct hits from enemy tanks at close range..."


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