East Coast Fashion AutumnWinter Catalogue Promotional Image (Season's featured model- Fork)

Every now and again I actually produce a piece of work I actually like. Not one that I am reasonably satisfied with or that I think "well, I guess I won't throw this one in the bin", but one where I actually, genuinely think "I like this one". This picture was one of those pictures. Scary to think it was all the way back in 2011...

The character in the picture is Fork. Below is an excerpt from the text that accompanied the picture in the Herd Society exhibition:


(taken from the Eye on the Stars gossip column in the 5 August 3285 issue of the Avalon Reader)


“…reports have emerged of the recent visit by Fork; the son of Yuri, a former member of pop-group SuperHappyAfternoon, to the Avalon Pleasure District of Santa Catalina Resort. The young star arrived by private yacht, which was unable to dock due to the large volume of adoring fans besieging the pier. Eventually the 14-year old celebrity was airlifted by helicopter to the Wrigley Five-Star Hotel, which was soon surrounded by press and screaming admirers. Despite being under-age the relaxed laws of the resort meant that Fork had the liberty to visit the island’s numerous famous nightclubs and casinos over the following three days. The superstar youth apparently did not sleep for the entire duration of his stay, and while the venues he visited have a strict confidentiality policy, leaks have revealed exploits of a wild and incredible nature. Several rooms within the Coruvias Club are still closed off due to ‘safety concerns’, but the manager of the club refused to be drawn on how the massive structural damage occurred. An inside source could not enlighten us much further, but did confirm that these were indeed the rooms occupied by Fork and his guests…”

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