Councillor Seo Yoon-hee, Minister for Education of the City States of Sin-Baekje.

Hello everyone. Anyone remember that tiger-headed coat of arms I posted back in March? You'll find it here. It was going to be used as the Coat of Arms of the City States of Sin-Baekje; a federation of city states in the southern part of the Korean peninsula. Well, here is the picture that preliminary sketch was for. See if you can find it. The piece is entitled "Councillor Seo Yoon-hee, Minister for Education of the City States of Sin-Baekje". See below for more information about the Councillor herself, as well as about the City States of Sin-Baekje...

"... Seo Yoon-hee was born on 29 October 3238 in Angang-eup, Pohang-Gyeongju Metropolitan Zone. A member of the prominent Seo family, she is the eldest of two children. At the age of two she was admitted to the Hoejae Seodang (private primary education institute), progressing from there to the Ugye Seowon when her family moved to the Seoul-Incheon Metropolitan Zone. After passing the university admission examinations with distinction, she was admitted to the prestigious Sejong Daewang University where she studied Law and Public Administration. In 3260 she sat for the civil service examinations which she passed with honours. Her results gained her an honoured post within the Ministry for Health, where she worked tirelessly for the next three years. She was then promoted to the Office of the Inspector General and assigned to oversee the upgrading of the healthcare infrastructure of Busan-Ulsan-Changwon Metropolitan Zone. This position brought with it not only a wealth of experience and prestige, but also allowed for the formation of a number of important political and corporate connections. With the completion of the upgrades two years later, Seo was recalled to the Seoul-Incheon Metropolitan Zone to oversee the administration of the city state’s educational facilities. Five years later she attained to the rank of Inspector General. After serving in this position for ten years she transferred to the Office of Special Advisors to the State Council, serving there for three years. At this time she was appointed to the rank of State Councillor, the youngest inductee to the State Council in its history. She is currently serving in the position of Minister for Education, having been appointed to that office in 3290...

Extract from article Seo Yoon-hee from the Encyclopædia Cerebrum Orbis Terrarum."



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