Billboard Advertisement for the Jorōgumo Corporation's January 3290 Advertising Campaign.

So, two weeks ago I posted the O-Suzumebachi Aerial Attack Drone, so this week I'm going to do a post about the company that makes it: Jorōgumo. It takes its name from a Japanese mythical creature, with "gumo" meaning "spider" in one version of the name. The little fellas swarming around the central figure are Tsuchigumo, a signature product of the company. You can learn more about Jorōgumo below. 

"... Jorōgumo is one of the youngest of the Obake Neo-Zaibatsu Conglomerates’ large corporations. Founded on 24 December 3258, it got its start when a group of robotics and computer enthusiasts, who were at the time living in Mitaka-shi, Shin-Edo sub-metropolis, came together and began working on small scale robotics projects for the recreational market. But as their creations became more popular, they moved beyond their intended audience of like-minded robotics enthusiasts. Also, the group began to attract more personnel who wished to be involved directly in their projects, and thus the business began to grow. As more and more talented technicians joined their ranks the sophistication of the products they were producing also grew. Soon their products were making their way into the mainstream market, and the team realised that there was a demand for more advanced robotics both in the domestic appliances market and in the luxury appliances market. As the business grew, however, the group realised that they were lacking anyone with the business acumen to actually run and market the business at such a level. Saigō Masako, at that time a mid-ranking executive at Gyūki Arms and Armaments Corporation, saw the potential in what was at the time a small start-up and forfeited a secure job at Gyūki for a high-risk position at Jorōgumo. Unusually for a corporate figure she did not demand complete control of the business on accepting the position. Instead she recognised that the technicians themselves were best situated to decide on what projects to work on, while she would focus on where those products could be placed. The company’s big break came in 3262, when their computer technicians created the first iteration of the Tsuchigumo AI. Far more advanced than anything that had come before it, its success transformed what had been a medium-sized company into a major corporation in a matter of a few years. The AI developed at Jorōgumo continues to be way ahead of anything produced by their competition...

Extract from article Jorōgumo Corporation from the Encyclopædia Cerebrum Orbis Terrarum."



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