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Thu, 17 May 2018

Official Portrait of Her Imperial Highness Lucretia Kling, By the Grace of Darwin, Empress of America and Suzerain of the Kingdom of Mexico; better known as the Wealth Portrait or the Mandeville Portrait or the Segerstrom Portrait.

Hey all. Here is another work in progress of the piece I was working on recently. I'll post the finished piece next week (hopefully). Here is the first installation of the information that goes with the picture: ...The famous Wealth Portrait, also known as the Mandeville Portrait or the Segerstrom Portrait, is thought to have been painted between the years 2854 and 2859 by renowned Río de la Plata printmaker and painter Joaquín Breccia López padre. It was likely commissioned by William Clark Cooper, Earl of Norwalk, during his time commanding Imperial American forces fighting in the...
Thu, 10 May 2018

M270A1 Tiglath-Pileser

And back to armoured vehicles this week... This is the M270A1 Tiglath-Pileser, the standard rocket artillery of the American Empire. It mounts the Ereshkigal NIN553NR Multiple Launch Rocket System. If you look closely at this picture, you'll see that it is extremely wonky. I don't think I managed a proper straight line in the whole thing. Despite this, I kind of like the chunky wee fella...
Thu, 3 May 2018

Portrait of Empress Lucretia Kling (work-in-progress)

As a little break from armoured vehicles, here is a preview of a piece I'm working on at the moment. This is a portrait of Empress of America Lucretia Kling, who reigned from 2832 to 2877. I've written an entire life history of Kling (19 pages long) which I will post in the future along with the finished piece.
Thu, 26 April 2018

M92A7 Shalmaneser

As promised, here is the finished piece of the M92A7 Shalmaneser, the American Empire's foremost self-propelled howitzer. Often there is a reason for the names I assign to the various vehicles I draw. In this case it is named after Assyrian king Shalmaneser I, who according to his own annals destroyed the fortress of Arinnu and poured out its dust before his god Assur. Therefore a fitting name for a vehicle designed to level structures...
Thu, 19 April 2018

M92 Shalmaneser

Hello all. Sorry for the last of posts these last few weeks; I've been really busy, and abroad for that matter. Learning a bit about managing computer clusters in Berlin, as a matter of fact. But enough about that. I promised further pictures of the armoured vehicles of the American Empire and I shall deliver. This is the pencil stage of the M92 Shalmaneser, the self-propelled howitzer of the Imperial American army. This enormous vehicle's primary armament is the 240mm M1 Gud-Alim howitzer. I'll post the finished piece soon.
Thu, 29 March 2018

Type 49 Tsuchigumo

This is another design I've struggled with over the years. Like the previous post (the Type 47 Mushi), this vehicle design was heavily inspired by the original Fuchikoma think-tanks from Masamune Shirow's Ghost in the Shell (and not, just to be clear, by their poorer successors, the Tachikoma and Logikoma). I don't think of this current iteration of the design by any means, but it was a significant step forward, particularly in the leg design. Anyway, I'm rambling. Below is some information from the article I wrote for this vehicle: "The Type 49 Tsuchigumo is an infantry fighting vehicle used...
Thu, 22 March 2018

Type 47 Mushi

If you click the link here , you'll find the original preparatory sketch for this picture. There were elements of the sketch that I wasn't quite happy with, so it was nice tidying them up for this finalised design. This is the Type 47 Mushi. Below is an extract from an article I wrote about the Type 47: "The Type 47 Mushi is currently the Obake Self Defence Fleet’s most heavily armoured vehicle, and as such has seen extensive use in that role since its introduction in 3287. Unlike many Obake military vehicles it is not specialised, but like its predecessor the Type 40, it is a more multi-...
Thu, 15 March 2018

Hellhound 4A5

So since working on my series of designs for the armoured vehicles of the American Empire (more of them to come, by the way), I also decided to finalise some designs from the arsenals of other states within my post-apocalyptic world. This is the Hellhound 4A5, a medium battle tank used by the collective military of the western states of the Grand Collective of Eurasian Federations (GCEF). The following is an excerpt from an article I wrote about the tank: "Internationally, the Hellhound 4A5, like many of the armoured vehicles of the Western GCEF military, has a formidable reputation. As...
Thu, 1 March 2018

Basilískos V636S

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last while, we've been having some technical difficulties with the website. Anywho, here’s something I did a little while ago. This is the Basilískos V636S, a wheeled tank destroyer/assault gun fielded by the Eastern American States Federation and produced by the Olympus Corporation. Its primary armament is the Toxotes 15SgE, a gun originally designed for the Karkinos 55CnC armoured tank destroyer. The Basilískos V636S is a perfect example of the AESF’s “shoot and scoot” military doctrine, which favours speed and mobility over heavy armour.
Thu, 9 November 2017

Cleric of the Malthusian Order of the Church of Social Darwinism

I doubt if anyone even remembers this one. I posted the pencil stage of this picture back in July of last year. I only got around to finishing it a short while ago. I haven't gotten round to giving it a title or writing up its background information yet, but it's a cleric of the Malthusian Order of the Church of Social Darwinism. The Order of St. Malthus has historically been the militant branch of the Church of Social Darwinism, but are also charged with various clerical duties. They are distinguished by their black vestments, as opposed to the Order of St. Galton, the highest order of the...