Sat, 30 April 2016

Ashurbanipal light tank

So recently, due to a written project I’ve been working on, I had the urge to start drawing some of the armoured vehicles used by the American Empire. I planned to do four pictures: a light tank, a heavy tank, a tank destroyer, and an assault gun. Here is the pencil stage for the Ashurbanipal light tank. Stay tuned for more updates and information…
Sun, 27 December 2015

Rose Axson, Empress of America, at the taking of Fort San Ysidro (2484)

Sorry for the delay in posting, it's been a busy few weeks. Here is the finished version of the Rose Axson, Empress of America piece. Posted below is the information found on the back of the piece: … this 3125 painting by court artist E. Percy Leutze depicts Empress of America Rose Axson standing amid the aftermath of the Siege of San Ysidro. The piece was commissioned to commemorate the 645th anniversary of Axson’s ascension to the Imperial throne, an event many historians view as the beginning of the American Empire’s ascendency on the north-west coast of the American continent. The Siege...
Thu, 1 October 2015

Giant Mutated Osteodermic Bear (ursus thyreophora alascensis)

It's finished. Black line added. I'll get around to writing up the background information soon (as I do with all my 12x12 pieces), but for now I hope you like the Giant Mutated Osteodermic Bear (ursus thyreophora alascensis).
Sun, 10 May 2015

M1A2 Gecko

Marker and pen on card. 12cmX12cm. "…conflicts in the South American Territories, particularly those in relation to the Peruvian Colonies, highlighted the need for an All-Terrain Heavy Tank. In 3259 the Imperial Army R&D Department launched the XM518 ‘Climber’ Program. Designs were proposed by the Akkad Company and Assur Defence (part of the Assur Group). The Akkad Company’s design was deemed too expensive and complex, and so funding was granted to the Assur Defence design under the program. The development of the walking gear was outsourced to Bixi Heavy Industries’ design team based in...